Anti-Spam Policy

Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, has a ZERO tolerance for Spam (Unsolicited Commercial Email UCE / Unsolicited Business Email - UBE ). All Spam complaints are taken seriously. Spam is considered an unethical form of Internet advertising.
Many countries have laws regarding Spam or are currently crafting legislation which will define and prohibit Spam. In addition, people who send Spam may incur substantial monetary fines from any of the providers through which Spam is directed because of the time, resources and expense it can incur for the spammed business.

Spam is a negative form of advertising and is HIGHLY disliked within the Internet community. You must not send Spam via our service, or send Spam or procure the services of another company or individual to send spam, that in any way implicates our services by including the company web site domain(s) or any other web site associated with Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, This includes mentioning a, email address or URL in any bulk email message.

If you violate our Spam Policy you will:
Have your account terminated immediately, without notice and without refund, if you are using one of our systems.
Be immediately reported to your ISP provider.
Be reported to additional proper authorities to take action against you.
Be permanently banned from ALL Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, systems
Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, reserves the right to determine what constitutes a violation of our Spam Policy. The sole opinion of Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, is ABSOLUTE in determining any and all spam violations.

Should Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, service or web sites be disrupted in anyway due to spamming, the responsible party will be charged until service is restored. You may also be subject to legal action if appropriate.

If we receive a Spam complaint against your account: We may immediately suspend your account until you provide proof for all complaints that were filed against you. Even if you are able to provide proof, your account may still be suspended and/or canceled if we receive a large number of complaints against your account.

Spam is the sending of unsolicited and unauthorized emails or online communications such as but not limited to bulletin boards, user groups, or instant messaging services to individuals or businesses who do not know you personally, have not agreed to or requested to receive your emails, or have not provided their email address directly to the sender.

We may immediately suspend your account until you provide proof for all complaints that were filed against you. It is also an email sent to a recipient who would not have a reasonable expectation of receiving email from the sender. Spam can be a single email or a bulk mailing.