Security Guidelines

Guidelines account secure

Never click any links inside e-mails that link to the website. Often links inside e-mails will seem to link to website, but actually lead to other websites.
Always make sure that the URL in your address bar starts with You should always make sure that you are at the website before logging in.
Never view, save, open, or forward any attachments that you receive inside e-mails that seems to be from We will never send you any attachments. Any such e-mails and attachments should be handled with extreme caution
Never give your password to anybody. We will never ask you for your password. As a matter of fact, your password is saved in our database in encrypted form and not even employees have access to it. You should only enter your password at website. Always check to see that the URL starts with
Always make sure you're logged into the secure area of our website. Most browsers display a small "Lock" icon in the lower right hand corner of browser window to alert you to the fact that you are viewing a secure website. Double clicking on this icon will usually give you more information that you can use to verify that you are at the correct website.


Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, uses Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for customer online transactions, and each session uses a unique master key to encrypt messages. Encryption is a communications process that scrambles private information to prevent unauthorized access as information is being transmitted between your browser and Media Hyips - Trusted Investment. Once you sign off, the master key used for that session becomes useless, since it is only good for one session.

Before you are able to login to " My Account ", you must be using an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security available.

We recommend you use Netscape version 6.0 or greater, Internet Explorer version 8.0 or greater, or Internet Explorer for Macintosh version 7.0 or greater to access your account, as our experience has been that the service performs best with these browsers. In addition, these browsers also support the latest versions of security features utilized by our service.

Computer Virus Protection

We use sophisticated tools to detect and prevent computer viruses from entering the Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, computer network systems. we use McAfee™ in our hosting.

Secure Login

You authenticate your my Office session by entering your unique Investor ID and password, both of which are encrypted as they pass over the Internet and before they are stored on our system (Security Pin is encrypted too). When you enroll for Account log in, you select both the Investor ID and password, and we do not have access to your password to further increase security.

Sign Out when you are not using your account

We recommend logged in users complete online transactions and log off before visiting other sites or turning off their PCs. We also suggest they do not visit other sites when logged on to their "My Account".

Customer Responsibilities

Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, takes numerous steps to keep your accounts and personal information secure, but you also play a role in maintaining the security of your account information. Here's what you can do.
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