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General Question

What its Media Hyips - Trusted Investment
Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, its are a growing company since 2014 in southeast asia. we engaged in the market analisys. until now we still go ahead and open a new business in other parts of Southeast Asia to the target and hope soon worldwide.
How i can contact support / staff
Please use our contact form, click here.
Can i invest on Media Hyips - Trusted Investment for many times?
You can Deposit to Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, from External Payment Processor like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Litecoin and Others Just once a week, if you violate this rule, your withdraw(s) will be pending for 12-48 hours a week.
Do you pay on holiday / weekends?
Yes, you will receive your profit on holidays and weekends. cause Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, online 24/7 a week.
Is investing in Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, only for institutional and high net word investors??
Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, can provide a reliable cost-effective way for each investor to returns certain amount of profits as well as possibilities of risks across many subcountractor. Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, offers a range of investment funds starting from as low as USD 10 for regular savings and USD 200,000 for lump sums.
Can i lost my money?
No, in Media Hyips - Trusted Investment you have guarented money back in 30 days if we lost money, your money safe and secure in our BANK ACCOUNT

Account Main

How do i open my Media Hyips - Trusted Investment Account?
To make a investment you must first become a member of Media Hyips - Trusted Investment, Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.
How long does it take for my deposit to be credited in my account?
Your account will be updated as fast, as you deposit. In case you are facing difficulties please contact our customer support service.
How can i change my e-currency, email address or password?
Normally we do not permit users to change their e-currency , email address or username after registration. However if you have done a mistake, you may need to contact us and we will change it for you , but you need to answer a few questions.
Can i have multiple account?
No, we are not allowed it. you are only permitted to own a single account. We reserve the right to terminate all your accounts if violated.
How can i change my account passowrd?
You can change your account password by selecting "Settings & Profile" from your member's area.
What if i cant login into my account because i forgot my password?
Click here and use the "Forgot Password" form, type your username or e-mail address and you will receive your new password.


How can i deposit to my account?
You can add funds to your account by selecting "Investment" option within your members area.
Which e-currencies do you accepted?
We are accepted payment proccessor for Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Skrill, OKPay, Egopay, and Bank Wire
How much its the profit take it?
We offer different investment packages each having its own limits and interest margins. Please refer to "Investment Plans" section on our website for more information.
Does a daily interest paid directly to my e-currency account?
No, interest is added to your account balance or account principal depending upon your compounding option. You may withdraw any amount from your account balance whenever you like.
Whe do you pay interest in my investment?
The interest will begin to accrue on the calender day after you make a deposit.
How do you calculate my interest profit?
Interest is calculated on your account principal daily. You can withdraw the amount named "Account Balance", Please be advised that calculations are done separately on your individual deposits and your account summary shows a cumulative balance. You may check your earnings history in Account History section.
How much the minimum and maximum i can invested?
You can start with as little as USD 10 and maximum is $200,000 ($200,000 is the maximum investment limit for each day, you can have five $200,000 investments)


How much i can withdraw my balance daily?
You can withdraw any amount from your Available Balance, a summary of which is provided in your account balance.
When do you process withdrawl requests?
Almost all withdrawal requests are processed within 6-48 hours from the time you request. However you may find some delays on weekends/ holidays.
What the minimun and maximum withdraw?
You can request for as little as USD 0.01 and there is no maximum limit.
When i can withdraw my principal?
You can wthdraw your initial deposit and interest after fund maturity date. please note that you cant cancel your deposit.
Its there any withdrawal for fee?
No, currently there is no withdrawal fee applied to your withdrawal requests.


Do you offer referral comission?
Yes we offer 5% referral commission for every amount your referral deposits with us.
How do you pay referral comission ?
Referral commission is added to your Available Balance as soon as calculated (instantly).
Where i can find my referral list/ statistic?
You can find your referral list within your members area. Your referral earnings are also available in your account history.
Where i can find my referral link and promotion code?
Please check "Affiliate System" section, you will find your link along with some banner ads that you can use to promote this program.
What if my referral used different ecurrency than the one i use?
You will be paid in the same e-currency your referral used to deposit funds. for example if your referral used LibertyReserve to deposit funds , you can receive your commission in your LibertyReserve account.